Easy, on-the-go public transport


Door-to-door planning across Great Britain

Commuter lets you plan journeys between addresses in Great Britain using different modes of public transport.

Realtime information

Itineraries are detailed with maps, travel warnings and disruption impacts, and allows you to alter your plans as you travel.

Prediction of upcoming routine journeys

Commuter gets to know your travel behaviours and uses this to plan in advance. It will predict and prompt you to take public transport by displaying live route alternatives. This knowledge is only used by your Commuter App and not shared with our systems in any way. 

Go wander

Enter a place you want to get to while you carry on exploring and Commuter will keep an eye on what public transport routes can get you there when you are ready.

Journeys can be customised

If you like to mix up your commute with a walk through the park on a great summer morning you can customise your journey to match your own personal preferences.


Data privacy

“We take data privacy and the right to a private life very seriously. Our commitment to you is that Commuter does not transmit information about your current location, movements and journey plans, or any other personally identifiable data over the network.”

Pascal Simplice, Ayoupa
Ben Stewart, Caution Your Blast


Many mobile apps collect your data to profile you, sometimes without even asking your consent. This is particularly common with free apps and provides a way for the developers to generate income, but it is also a business model we think needs to be challenged. 


With Commuter your current location, movements and journey plans, or any other personally identifiable data is locked securely inside the App on your device. We want to demonstrate an alternative business model that builds in data privacy, hence with Commuter it’s your travel data, your private activity, it’s securely protected and we the makers cannot see it by design.