Privacy policy


We take data privacy and the right to a private life very seriously.

Commuter currently exists as a mobile app that securely locks personal data on your device.

The data it gets and stores includes:

  • current locationmovement data places you frequent historical journey plans

Our commitment to you is that Commuter does not transmit this information or any other personally identifiable data over any network.

None of your personal information is shared with us, the makers, of Commuter.

We don’t share your data with 3rd parties because we don’t have your data to share.

We go to extreme lengths to make sure your data is yours.

The processing of your journey planning and real-time itineraries across multiple public transport service types is done within Commuter on your device.

Our approach is a world first and not reliant on cloud servers to do this complex data processing.

When Commuter retrieves information over the internet, for example to get real-time bus or train data, we do not share any personal information from the app which could identify you.

However, your internet address (called an IP address e.g. a number like will still be visible to 3rd parties and they may use that with other data they hold linked to your other web site viewing. We’re looking at ways to stop this.

We note that many mobile apps and cloud services collect your personal data. This is particularly common with free mobile apps and web applications, and provides a way for the developers to generate income, but it is also a business model we think needs to be challenged.

We seek an alternative model that incorporates full anonymity of users, hence with Commuter it's your travel data, your private activity, it's securely protected and we, the makers, cannot see it by design.

You very welcome to reach out to us at your discretion via our support email and we will reply to you. We will store your email address securely on our systems and never use it for any other purpose other than to communicate with you in response to the subject you raise. After this correspondence ends we will wait six months and then these email records will be deleted.

We also welcome your participation in surveys. You have no obligation to join in, but if you do wish to contribute we assure you that your response will be totally anonymous.