The current Commuter version is: 2.0.1 build 22
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Frequently Asked Questions


What transport services are included in Commuter ?

Almost all public transport services operating in Great Britain are included. This amounts to millions of services across national rail, national and local buses, ferries, light rail and underground services and trams.



How do I plan future journeys ?

Right now you can’t use Commuter to plan future journeys, but in the future – well it may well be possible. We made this decision to focus on our immediate goal of real-time travel and the orchestration challenges required for that. Timetable-only based route planning comes with some challenges too of course and we’re keen to bring this into the App soon.



Can I give you some feedback on features ?

You sure can - just use the Feedback link in the menu to send us an email with your ideas and we’ll discuss their merits. Maybe you’d like to come and work for us too?



Can I blame you if I miss my bus?

Maybe you can - maybe you can’t ! Depends what you mean by blame - in a legal sense we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the transport information that is displayed to you, or any culpability for the decisions you make or course of action you take with that information. On the other hand if we could have done better we’d like to know and also to apologise if you really did miss your train, I mean bus!



Our customer care policy is quite simple really. We want to treat you as we like to be treated ourselves. We respect your right to a high quality of service, diversity of opinion, and our prompt response to communications. We endeavour at all times to exceed your expectations of service and take pride in building confidence in an ongoing relationship.

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